Tuesday, 30 November 2010

surface design using mixed media layered techniques

Using bateque then scrunching and rubbing bruso inks into the paper. Wax acts as a risiting leaving the wax as the actual drawn image.

Paper from a book dipped in wax, this is really effective as the paper goes see through and you can see the text from both sides of the paper layered.

Fashion illustrustration. Mixed media. Paper. Wood. Ink. Pencil. Tracing paper.

Mixed media Layered. Ink with Rolled Image transphered using rollers then rack rolled patterns in white. Really effective as you get the print from the weave of the fabric. 

Printing with Lace using gouache layered ontop of ink worked into with bleach.  

Ink worked into with bleach using shaped block printing. Layered news Paper Fixed with PVA

Ink. Brusho. Quink Ink. Bleached. Printed on with Sacking.

experimenting with wax crayon, painted on with indian ink then scratched on to reveal the colour underneath.

Printing block made with string and cardbard. Layered ontop of ink and bleach  

Light Ink with Printed Lace deatain worked into with Pen.     gorgous recyled bags made out of coffee sacks with surface print design check it!

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